Christians found in the darkness of the outside. Sister Lyan

Christians found in the darkness of the outside. Sister Lyan

Christians found in the darkness of the outside. Sister Lyan

I have recently had frequent supernatural experiences with God. Let me start by sharing what I have been through over the past few years.

Since 1996, I have known the Lord and experience its truthfulness. I grew up in a Christian family and believed in Jesus Christ, but I didn’t really know him. Belief in Jesus is different from the knowledge of Jesus. In 1 Samuel 3:7, even though he grew up in the Temple, Samuel did not really know the Lord. His knowledge of the Lord became real to him after the Lord revealed himself to Samuel. Like Samuel’s situation, I too did not know the Lord until 1996, when I was 16 years old.

Since I was a child, my health has been poor, unlike my mother and sister. My mother is an ambitious woman at home and at work. She was often angry with me because of my constant illness, and could not understand why I was so often sick, while my sister, on the other hand, was healthy. At home, I couldn’t take care of the tasks, even the kitchen, because I often fell unconscious. Doctors were unable to diagnose my disease until I had a CT scan, which showed that I had chronic gastritis, sinusitis and periostitis. However, even after being diagnosed with these diseases, the doctors could not cure me. These diseases inhibited my ability to help around the house, so my mother treated me very coldly, which made my life more painful.

When I was 16, I still couldn’t help with household chores, so my mother often threatened me. She said, « If you’re going to die, you might as well die sooner to save everyone. Look. You don’t want to tell this world, you can’t end your life or live a good life. What should we do for you? « I also had no solution for myself. Since then, I have begun to pray to God: « Dear God, if you are real, could you help me end my days on this earth? » sought suicide – by means like hanging, poisoning and jumping from a great building – but every time the thought of death terrified me. I was like, « What if my suicide fails? » I knew that if this happened, the situation would get worse, I would suffer even more. So I didn’t commit suicide. Later, I remembered what the Bible said: « If someone destroys the temple of God, God will destroy it. For the temple of God is holy, and you are this temple. [1 Corinthiens  3:17]This means that suicide victims cannot be saved.

On June 1, I did not pray in particular, but I simply said to God: « God, if you are real, please, end my life. Lord, please, receive my spirit. » When my mother left for work at 3:30 p.m., I knelt down and started praying continuously at my bedside. Suddenly my mind left my body and I saw my physical body still praying at the bedside suddenly fall. My mind began to linger here and there. At that time, I was not afraid, instead I felt relieved and relaxed because I had no pain or headache. At that time, I understood what the Bible says, that the Spirit gives life and that the flesh is useless. [Jean 6:63]I didn’t miss my physical body and it was wonderful to finally be able to leave my sick body.

When my mind left my body, I thought I was sure I was going to heaven because I thought that those who believed in Jesus were guaranteed to go to heaven after physical death. I also believed that the path to heaven was only upwards and that the path to hell was simply down.

My mind flew out the window and continued to rise to the sky.

Wow, that was wonderful! I was on my way to heaven! I didn’t miss my family at all, not at all.

The darkness from the outside.

Then my mind went to a dark place. The darkness at this place is different from the earth’s darkness.

This darkness will shock your mind that you will not be able to see your hands even if you have placed them before you. I was certain it wasn’t paradise, even though I never went there. I knew that the sky is not supposed to be dark, it should be a place full of light. I thought, « Oh, no! » Does this mean that this place is hell? I couldn’t determine the location of the place because when I was little, I heard that hell is a place full of fire and brimstone; but here there was no fire, only darkness. I said, « What kind of place is this? » I’ve heard a lot of people cry[Mathieu 25:30], but I can’t tell where they were. Suddenly I heard a voice that was saying, « You are moving forward, you are moving forward. » I walked in the dark and as I continued to walk, people’s screams came close enough that I could see them face to face. , but I still couldn’t see anything.

At that point, I recognized the sound of the iron chains and heard a lock open. Suddenly, a door opened and the room was slightly brighter inside. I saw a lot of people, and when I think about it, they were all Christians. The first thought that came to me was that Christianity was a lie, for these Christians did not go to heaven at all; they went into darkness, and this place was filled with Christians. Some were Christian women from my village who had already passed away and I knew very well, but they all ended up there. Then a voice said to me, « Go inside. » I said, « Definitely not! I will never enter this place. « I knew that once I entered, I would join the crowd of dead and crying. The people there were shouting and crying all the time and all their clothes were grey and tattered.  an unknown force pushed me inside, but my hand hung on the door, and I refused to enter the room, so I knelt down and cried out loud: « Lord, I will no longer seek suicide, please, give me back my life and let me live. If I go there, I might as well live several years on earth with the disease. Why should I come here? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, « In my heart, as I thought there were no such places of heaven and hell; everything was a lie. Those who seemed to believe in Jesus on earth all ended up here. I thought constantly – there was nothing like paradise or hell.

I asked, « What is this place? » Suddenly, a voice said to me, « It’s a place of moaning and gnashing of teeth. » I could hear someone talking but I couldn’t see that person. I kept asking, « What? Is this the place for moaning and gnashing of teeth? How is it that all these people here are Christians? « He said, « These people believed in Jesus without repentance. « I said, « So what about the non-believers? » He said: « Non-believers go straight to hell. « Then suddenly I found myself directly in Hell.


The horrible place where non-believers are cannot be compared to the place where those who believe in Jesus are without repentance. I heard people in hell cry terribly in great pain. Everyone shouted two words: « So hot!

 »So thirsty! I saw fire burning inside their bodies; every time the fire burned in their body, the person was screaming and it was causing great pain to the person.

Torture his mind is worse than the tortured physical body.

When I realized this, I thought, « It is much better to believe in Jesus without repentance than not to believe in Jesus and go directly to hell, » when we take into account the place of crying and gnashing of teeth, which is better than hell. Heaven, I thought, does the sky really exist? As this question crossed my mind, I felt my mind rise to Heaven. Hou la la la! It was so beautiful; The beauty of the sky was incredible. I saw water, grass, mountains and flowers flow. The streets that were much more beautiful than the streets created by man on Earth. The mountains were made of precious stones, the water resembled pearl and onyx crystals, the streets were paved with pure gold and the walls were built of jasper, ruby, sapphire and emerald. I was amazed by its beauty! I thought, « I’m not going! I want to stay in a place like this. » Suddenly an angel came and spoke to me: « Depending on the level of your faith, you belong instead of crying and gnashing of teeth. You can’t enter this place. »

I demanded, « I’m not going. » Then the angel said: « No! You have to go. » I said, « Should I still suffer from the disease of my disease on Earth? » He said: « If you don’t want to go back to Earth, your only option is to stay in place of crying and gnashing of teeth. » I said, « If my only other option is to stay in this dark place, I’d rather go back to my sick body on Earth and suffer from the disease. » I chose to go back to Earth. The next second, my mind went home.

My mind left my physical body around 4:10 p.m. and it was 10:30 in the evening when my mind went home. My mother’s working hours were from 4:00 p.m. to midnight. By this time, my sister and brother had fallen asleep; my unconscious body was lying, kneeling in a prayer position at the edge of the bed. So sad! They even didn’t care if I was having dinner or not, so my family ignored me. I thought, « My sister! Your older sister, right next to you, is dead and you don’t even care. You just went to bed and you fell asleep? « My mind continued to linger and walk around the house, without the disease, my mind could be comfortable. I was very reluctant to go back to my sick body because I knew that once I entered this, I would again be afflicted with pain; but, if I don’t want to get into the body, I’ll go back to the place of crying and gnashing of teeth, then I knew it was better to be in my body after witnessing the struggles in this place.

My mind has returned to my physical body; I sighed and then woke up, but my whole body lacked feeling. I discovered streams of tears on my face. After waiting about ten minutes, my feet started to feel a little numb. When the spirit left my body, the blood had stopped flowing the whole time I was gone. I started moving slightly and fell out of bed; tears flowed down my cheeks. I felt so grateful and said, « Lord, thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me return to this earth. » When my mind came back, God gave me a few words. He said, « As a child, come back. You don’t have much time left. Soon you will come to this place that I have prepared for my people. When you get home, you’ll have to share what you’ve just been through. » When I received his word saying « you have a little time left » I thought it would only be a few days, I felt he would be back very soon. I said, « Oh! Course! As long as you let me go back to heaven, I’ll share my experience. « By the time I received the message, I thought he would come back in a few days and see him again in heaven; so I didn’t expect to get married and have my own children. When I returned to Earth, I was filled with God’s love and had begun to preach the gospel. I started with non-believers because believers did not take my story seriously when I shared my experiences with them. The first person I shared with was my own mother. At that time, we were both at home and I was jumping with excitement. When my mother came home from work at noon, I said, « Mom, I just died and my mind left my body. She said, « Did you spend your whole day like this, in this state of mind? You’re not normal, you’re crazy! » I thought if even my mother didn’t believe me, who else would ever believe me? I remember sharing my testimony with a close sister at church. She quickly replied: « Liyan!

There is definitely something wrong with you, it’s not possible! I don’t believe it. « So I stopped sharing my story with other believers.

When I shared my experience with non-believers, one by one, they all believed in Jesus.

When I shared my supernatural experience with others on the train, many people made the decision to hand over their lives to the Lord. Praise the Lord! I knew it was God’s work. However, I have never been to school and I consider myself illiterate. I said to God, « You’re going to use me, but I’m illiterate. » I once listened to a sermon on the resurrection of Lazarus, who was dead and buried for four days, causing a stench in his funeral. But when Jesus simply said a word, he came back to life. [Jean 11:43]I was touched by the story and I thought to myself: « If Lazarus had been dead for four days, buried and even smelled horrible and was still coming back to life, and if the Lord wanted me to learn how to read? It should be a lot easier than that. « Since then, I had a great desire to learn to read. As a result, my prayers became much longer, every evening I prayed until one or two o’clock in the morning.

I remember at two o’clock in the morning, the twelfth lunar month, after I finished my prayer, I went to bed and began to dream. Suddenly I saw a man wearing a white garment that was extremely bright; it was a luminosity I’ve never seen on Earth. He stood by my window and called me: « Child, come to me. » His face was as bright as the sun, and I could not see it clearly. He then pulled me off my blanket and kissed me like I was a baby. He said, « From today, I’m going to teach you how to read. » I said, « Wow! Great! I’m so excited, where do I start? » « We will start from the Gospel of John. » He opened the Bible to John at 21:15, and began to read: « When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, ‘Simon son of John, do you love me more than these?’ Peter said, ‘O Lord, you know I love you.’ Jesus said to him, « Feed my lambs » »As we continued reading, Peter’s name had changed to my name; however, at that time I did not even recognize my name in reading and the Lord continued to teach me to read. He said, « Liyan, do you love me more than these? » I asked, « What are you talking about? »

Then he said, « I’m referring to the material world, do you love me more than these? » I said, « Lord, you know I love you. » We continued to read until dawn.

At dawn, I woke up and discovered that I was still reading and still in bed. I quickly took the Bible and returned it to John 21:15. I said, « Oh! This is John’s book. » But I was afraid of being wrong, because at the time, my father, my younger sister and my brother were all present. I said to my younger sister and brother, « Hey, come here. Today I’m going to read you some bible verses. » They said, « Go ahead; read it. « ‘Book of John, right?’ « I asked.

They all looked at me and said, « Okay, okay. You guessed it. » I said, « I’m going to read more.

They had finished breakfast; Jesus said to Simon Peter, son of John, do you love me more than these? « They were very shocked and said, « Sister, how did you learn to read these words? » I said, « What worries me most is if I had read the words correctly. « They said, « Yes, yes, every word. You read those words right! « Little by little, I began to recognize every word of the Bible; however, I could not recognize words in books other than the Bible, even spiritual books teaching the Book of John. The words seemed familiar, but I couldn’t understand the words. As a result, for several years, God continued to teach me to study the Bible, which became my spiritual living water, and I studied very hard. My reading speed was slow, it sometimes took me several days to finish a single verse, but I received many revelations from the Holy Ghost. Every day I regularly meditated, prayed and read, so my life became spiritually abundant. This is how I built my relationship with Jesus Christ.

Then I went to a church and worked for the Lord for two years. It was a fruitful experience and it helped me and other brothers and sisters in our spiritual life. But the Lord was not satisfied with my work during these two years. Thus, neither spiritual gifts nor supernatural experiences reflected my spiritual life. As Paul said, « Lest I be a shipwreck myself, lest I be a castaway. » It was[1 Corinthiens. 9:27] the year 2004 when I partnered with a pastor to start a church in my own house.

We thought we had done a good job. On the second day of 2006, God began to reveal something that was going to happen to me the next day, and things really happened. On the third day, as I was about to fall asleep, the Lord said to me, « Tomorrow morning, someone will ask you to go and pray for his grandmother, and you will have to leave. » On the fourth day, I started waiting at home from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m., when a man showed up. I was surprised to see that the man looked exactly like the one I saw in the dream, so I went with him to pray for his grandmother.

On the fifth day, I was surprised by another sudden revelation of a dream. God said, « I’m coming back and you have to repent! » I was shocked and said, « You come back and I have to repent? What about the pastor who’s partnering with me? » He said: « He has nothing to do with you. I’ll be back and you have to repent! « I thought, « Why do I have to repent? I’ve been busy feeding this church, so why do I have to repent? » He said, « Follow me, I’d like to show you a place. »

The heart.

In the blink of an eye, I arrived in a house where the walls and floors were very dirty. They were so dirty that it was impossible to get in. I asked ‘What is this place?’ Why is it so dirty? « The Lord said, « Do you know that this is your heart? » « I really didn’t know; I thought I was serving the Lord and I’d be pure. In fact, I resisted the Lord. I asked, « When did I commit many sins that I did not confess? » Then He revealed them one by one. He said, « You must confess your sins one by one, so that I may forgive your sins one by one. »

Suddenly I saw a very clean white pot filled with blood. Jesus wore a white garment and held a brush like a pen; He said to me, « Confess your sins one by one and I will wipe them one by one. » I said, « Please, give me a revelation of when I committed these sins? » He started telling me my sins as if a movie was playing. I began to confess my sins immediately, and every time I did, he soaked the brush in the bloodpot and hunted sin.

After confessing all my sins one by one, the whole house was painted with blood. Surprisingly, the place suddenly turned white and shone brightly. At that time, I knew I was clean. He said, « Don’t set up the church here, you have to stop the church work. I will not remember the work you have done over the last two years. » I said, « If the Lord doesn’t remember my works, then what am I doing here? » I woke up suddenly. I was sweating a lot and all my clothes were wet. Usually, my family would get up early every morning to hold a Bible study, except on that day. The Revelations of the Lord that I received every night were expected to come true the next day, and I was afraid that this revelation would come true, that the Lord would return. I thought, « What am I supposed to do? » I was worried and I said, « How could you not wake up and study the Bible. Other days, it’s fine, but not today! Don’t you know the Lord is coming back? « My mother thought I was going crazy again, so she went to pray.

I was trembling lest the Lord return the next day. I decided to sit at home and repent, so I cancelled all the Bible study and church meeting. The pastor asked me, « Why should we cancel the church meeting? » I said, « In many cases, after people believe in the Lord, their lives would change and renew themselves. But I now know that God is dealing with me and my own heart. We have to cancel the meeting because God will not remember it. We can’t go on. « Then, as the Bible says, preaching on stage is not important. [Mathieu 23: 3]The most important thing is to know how to manage your life-long relationship with God and with people after leaving the world. I did not expect God to take care of me with regard to my house.

I said, « Lord, tell me what you like and I will. What kind of work is the work of gold, silver and gems, please tell me! » The Lord said, « D[1 Corinthiens. 3:12]o you really want to do things that will satisfy me? » « Yes! » he said. I answered. The Lord said, « Okay, take good care of your children and your husband and keep the house clean. . That’s what you have to do. « I really didn’t think it came from God, because I was so busy with church work that I separated my laundry from my husband’s. I was so busy that I didn’t have time to wash the socks for him, because I had to take care of my children and organize church meetings. I was so busy! My husband took care of his own laundry and I took care of mine. After returning from work during the day, my husband had to wash his own clothes and clean the house, which was often a mess. I thought, « Oh! Lord, is that yours? I don’t need to work for You, but I have to do these things instead?

« The Lord said, « Yes! » Soon I started doing my husband’s laundry. When I did the laundry, the Lord continued to educate me. The Lord continued to touch my heart and said, « Do you know that you do wash that this sock is the work of gold, silver and precious stones, which I commemorate very much! » That really surprised me. I said to my husband, « In the future, give me all your dirty socks; I’m going to wash them for you! « My husband’s response looked shocked and frightened. He said to me, « Why have you changed so radically? You’re getting so good all of a sudden. » I said, « Actually, I was enlightened by God. From now on, I won’t allow you to wash the clothes. » Then all the church rallies were cancelled and I started staying home full time. I never expected that God would change my life in this way; I received the anointing of the cancellation of Bible studies and church meetings and I received most of my anointing which was during that period of time.

This was apparently not enough; later, God sent me to my mother-in-law’s house. I lived in Yongnian Handan, and my mother-in-law lived in a house in Cangzhou, about 600 kilometres from my home. Since they were not believers, I suffered a great deal of persecution from his family. I remember taking the bus for a whole day to visit my mother-in-law. I arrived when they were about to eat. I always taught my daughter to pray before every meal, so as a family we always prayed before eating. At my in-laws’ house, after preparing the meal and calling everyone to eat, my 2-year-old daughter said, « Mom, lead us in a prayer. » Her grandfather didn’t understand what my daughter was saying and asked » « Liyan, what does she say? »

I said, « Oh, she said we had to pray or she wouldn’t eat. » My father-in-law immediately said to my sister-in-law « Yunyun! Take the bowl of incense. Pour the sand into the bowl, wash it and fill it with noodles for your sister-in-law. »

Hou la la la! They gave me that kind of difficulty. Then he gave me a bowl of noodles and said, « Go ahead and eat in this bowl, which is the most blessed. » They were clearly against me. Even though I just got married in their family, they treated me that way. I asked the Lord, « Lord, what should I do now? » The Lord said to me: « The idol is nothing, just like the bowl that serves as incense used to worship the idol. » I said, « Praise the Lord, it’s nothing! »

My daughter kept asking, « Mom, pray! » I was thinking, pray for what? They just served me the bowl they used to worship their idols. I said, « Okay! Pray! Dear Lord Jesus, I thank you and praise you. » At first I was afraid to pray, but the more they offended me, the more courageously I prayed. The words of the Bible came to mind: « Pray your Father, who is invisible.

Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. [Matthieu 6: 6]God said to me, « This is the work of gold, silver and precious stones. » « ‘Oh, really?’ « Jesus told me. My chopsticks were thrown to the ground by someone, and it’s the work of gold, silver and gems? I said, « Praise the Lord. » I quickly got up and wiped away my tears, and instantly the pain and anger in me disappeared; the word of the Lord is truly my great comfort. So I started looking for my chopsticks on the floor and I found them. After the meal, I washed the dishes only once, but this time I washed them three times, because the Lord told me it was the work of gold, silver and precious stones; so I want to wash them very cleanly, and the more I washed them, the more joy I had in me. Then my husband came unexpectedly to visit here. He saw how I took care of their cooking and cleaning and that all my in-laws were just playing mahjong and playing. My husband couldn’t stand what he saw, so he became angry with his family. In fact, lasting suffering has become second nature to me, or even a habit, cultivated from within. I said, « I’m fine! » He said, « Stop doing all the housework. » I said, « I wasn’t doing it for them. » He said, « Let’s go! » I said, « No, it is the work of gold and silver of precious stones in the eyes of God. » He did not understand what I was saying. He wanted me to go with him, but I refused so he went out to drink wine.

Later, he returned and argued with his parents. I thought, « Lord! The work of gold and silver will soon be finished. « At first we could have left this place with joy, but suddenly my husband decided to react that way. How can there be a good ending to this? When my husband finished arguing with his father, he said, « Liyan, follow me. We will not enter this house again and I will not enter this room again. If I ever walk into this room, I will no longer be a member of this family. « But the Lord said to me, « No, you can’t go now. « I told my husband and he was very angry at this response and said: « Because of you, my parents condemn me. « I said, « The Lord has brought me to be part of your family and I must obey the instructions of my Lord, so that you may leave. « Then he said, « Okay, I’ll leave. You can stay here forever and never leave. « I said, « I will leave every time the Lord leads me. « 

My husband left angrily and left me at my father-in-law’s house. I asked, « O Lord, when can I leave this house? » The Lord said, « Wait a moment. This is not the time yet. » I said, « Okay! » By the time my in-laws took off their clothes, I quickly ran to do their laundry for them.

Suddenly, one way or another, God opened the hearts of my in-laws to realize that all their household chores should not depend on me. They thought, « This woman married from afar with our family; if the laundries are made by our own daughter, since it is her duty as our daughter because we raised her and gave birth to her. « Afterwards, my in-laws suddenly treated me very well, which surprised me. When I was outside washing clothes, my mother-in-law came and covered me with a layer of clothes because it was cold. She said, « Liyan, put on those clothes. » My father-in-law brought me a cup of hot tea and said, « Come on, drink a hot tea. » I was shocked because they usually abused me and suddenly became nice to me; it was difficult to adapt to it. I wondered why they had suddenly begun to treat me so kindly. My father-in-law even asked me how many blankets I needed at home.

He said, « I’ll prepare it for you. If you find something in this house that you might need, take it, we’ll be happy to give it to you. « I said, « No, no, it’s not necessary. I don’t need anything. « Suddenly the Lord said to me: « It is time, leave immediately tomorrow. « There was only one difference a day before the Lord told me to leave; my husband had left the day before, and I left the next day. The time of my departure was miraculous. People from all over the village came out to say goodbye and treated me as if I were a rich celebrity who came to a humble village. Everyone said that this girl — the law suffered so much. During these 20 days, she worked outside and inside the house. Suddenly the Lord said, « Woe to you, when everyone speaks well of you. » I said, « Lord, I could not do it without your words to strengthen myself, all thanks to your constant help. I could not have done that to such a degree myself. They praise you and I want to give you all the glory. « 

The bus ride.

My father-in-law watched us get on the bus back to ShiJiaZhuang. We were taking the long-distance travel bus. The bus was full of people, as it was time for the students to go back to school. During my father-in-law’s time, my mind grew and there was an anointing with authority. When I sat on the bus, I saw that he was playing a talk show with foul language. I felt nauseous and got up. But when I saw so many people, I sat down, repeating it three times. I closed my eyes and prayed: « Oh! God, I’m shy. What should I do? » Suddenly, the Lord gave me a vision of Jesus inside the temple, with righteous anger, twisting ropes into a whip to cleanse the temple. When I saw this scene, I couldn’t stand it anymore. Suddenly I got up and spoke to the bus driver: « Bus driver! Turn off the monitor! How can you play this kind of video in public like this? You can watch it at home, but is it appropriate to watch it here? « 

The bus driver was stunned. The bus driver and the ticking looked at each other; The bus driver asked, « What happened to him? » the lady said, « I don’t know. » He said, « Who are you? » I said, « Let me tell you, you don’t need to ask me who I am. If you know who I am, I will break your TV and CD, and you will have to receive the fine! « 

I didn’t know why I was so bold. The bus driver was stunned and said: « Okay! All right! I’m going to turn it off! I’m going to turn it off. » He immediately turned off the monitor and pushed it aside. The saleswoman sat down and did not move. The bus was extremely quiet; you could have heard a pin fall. The bus arrived at Hengshui, a road stop, to allow passengers to go to the toilet. When people got off the bus, many of them looked at me with smiles and nodded; I nodded back. It seemed that everyone agreed that it was not appropriate to play this type of video, but no one dared to speak out, because the world and society have deteriorated to such a degree.

Later, my mother-in-law came to stay with us. I led her in a prayer to accept Jesus as her savior. It was July, and my sister-in-law in college had a very big debate against me. Three months later, she was in deep depression, after her boyfriend broke up with her. Several times, she attempted suicide but failed. She constantly discussed her beliefs with me.

She knew I could help her, but she was too embarrassed to ask.

Later, she called me and said, « Sister-in-law, come and help me. You’re the only one who can save me. » I said, « I can’t save you, only God can save you. Do you want to pray with me to accept Jesus as your Savior? » She said yes! » Then I prayed with her to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior. All these events have shown me that after being married for so many years, the fights and arguments have not changed anyone. But when I began to humiliate myself, God continually pressed me, so that one day He could lift me up.

The words I uttered on the bus were the result of my spiritual training in my mother-in-law’s house while I was doing the dishes, the clothes and doing all the domestic work; all my learning happened during that time. I have discovered that what I face and with which I struggle is not the flesh on the outside but the spirit inside. When you realize how powerful God is in your heart, this force is very powerful. I had been battling many diseases for a long time, but once my inner being was connected to the Lord, all my physical illnesses were all gone. This is how real the Lord is!!

I remembered in the past that every time I suffered, the Lord was with me, so while I was suffering, I was always full of joy. Many church brothers and sisters thought I was crazy. Later, I thought there was a miscommunication about the saying: « suffer with joy. » The last two weeks of the month, as I was communicating with the Lord, I summed up the word: « I do not like to suffer, but I love the presence of the Lord during my suffering. » I thought to myself: when is the closest relationship with the Lord? The answer is when I suffer, so I praise God for all my suffering. I danced and played tambourine at home while praising God.

One night I had a great desire to have communion with the Lord to such an extent that I struggled with the Lord and did not let the Lord leave me. The next day, when I woke up, I couldn’t move my legs because the two tendons in the leg muscles were numb, which reminded me of Jacob’s story of fighting with the Lord. The Lord let me realize this little by little. I must praise God for all the suffering. I said, « O’Lord, I didn’t know you’re full of wisdom. » When you praise God for all the suffering you suffer, it is God’s wisdom, because God’s wisdom is always superior to our wisdom. He sent his only son to die for us, and he died on the cross; it is the wisdom and power of God! In our eyes, it is shameful and foolish, but in God’s eyes, it is the wisdom to save us all.

The train ride.

I remember that once we took a trip to northeastern China with our children. The bus arrived late; he was supposed to arrive at eight o’clock, but he did not arrive until nine o’clock. My children were tired and fell asleep.

When we boarded the bus, my children suddenly woke up and cried and said, « I want to sleep, I want to go home! » My husband stopped me and said, « There’s no more room anyway, we might as well go home and sleep. Leave. « At that time, I really didn’t know what to do, I was clearly moved by God to go. I said, « Lord, my life is for you, I don’t care about my life, but I don’t want my husband and children to suffer with me. » Suddenly the Lord spoke to me: « Do you know how I will reward them in the future? I want them to get the same rewards as yours. » My husband then said, « Either we go home or we take the tickets. » The Lord gave me the word so I said, « Let’s go get the tickets. » Eventually we got stuck on the train, but there were too many people, so we could only stand in the doorway. Suddenly the Lord said, « Liyan, praise me. I want to hear you praise me! » I said, « O Lord, don’t mess with me.

How can I praise you out loud at a time like this? » The Lord challenged me: « Go ahead and praise me. I want to hear. » I said, « Lord, no. » The Lord said, « Yes. Praise me! « I said, « Lord, even if I praise you, I am not telling you the truth, I am lying, it is simply not my heart. Then the Lord said, « Even if it does not come from your heart, I really want to hear your praise, and I want to hear you praise me in time like this. » I said, « Lord, even if you allow me to lie to you, I have no praise in me. » At that time, the Lord spoke inside me: « If you cannot praise me in this situation, then you are no different from the others. How are you different from non-believers? These non-believers thank God for train, what is the difference between you and them? « 

« Yes, I’m different from them … Oh Lord, I praise you! »

While trying to praise God, there were children crying, people full to bursting, an unpleasant smell spreading everywhere and hot sweat on my skin. I said, « Lord, I praise you for being able to sneak me on that train. » By the time I began to praise God, my heart calmed down. I said, « Lord, I praise your wisdom because we have not obtained a seat. I think you can give me the strength to stand until I reach my destination and I believe you have great and powerful power. » The more I praised God, the less children cried. The more I praised God, the more joy sprang into me. So God challenged me as I stood by the bathroom door holding my child in my arms, and I started jumping and saying, « Lord, I praise you. Thank you, Mr. I love you. Jehovah God is my strength. I love you. I’m renting you out. I’m renting you out. « I’ve been renting continuously. There were all kinds of people around me on the train, but they couldn’t hear what I was saying anyway. I just kept renting and renting.

After a while, my husband told me that he wanted to upgrade the ticket to see if he could get a seat with bunk beds. Honestly, at that time, my heart didn’t care if we could be improved. « Oh Lord, you are with me, you will help me to stand until we reach the destination. I have great self-confidence, I am very grateful. « A lot of people have lined up to upgrade the ticket. Finally, my husband was able to get the last two remaining tickets. My husband said, « Praise the Lord! » I said, « The inner strength of thanksgiving for getting the seat superimposed is great, but the inner strength of thanksgiving is greater if I don’t have one. »

When the spiritual life of others has not reached the same level as you, you will find your spiritual life standing in the heights. When your spiritual life reaches a higher level, what would you do? You’ll see further! All the suffering before your eyes is a tiny trifle.

Suffering is a spiritual food, it is a nutritional supplement to life. Come eat it, and the body will be healthy. So recently, when I was at home, I felt pain in my legs and waist. Usually, when there is pain, I hunted pain in the name of Jesus Christ, so I reprimanded the back and waist pains to leave!

« Through the bruises of Jesus Christ, I am healed! » It is very effective every time I make such a statement.

But once I said it, nothing happened. « What happened? » Did I ask. I then went into deeper prayer, and I asked the Lord the question through the Holy Ghost. The Lord said, « Do you know how disobedient you are? Why do you have leg pain? You must praise God! Why do you have pain in your waist? You must praise God! » I realized then that I wasn’t cooperating. I got up, stretched my legs and twisted my waist, for my whole body will praise my Lord! I stood up praised and praised, and I thought I was dancing beautifully with our Lord. I drove on the ground; I locked the door, so my husband couldn’t see me, because he would have thought I was crazy. I’ve often praised the Lord like a madwoman. When I was rolling on the ground praising God, I suddenly realized a truth, when the Lord said: « Have you not seen actors on the stage use various methods to perform to get applause and encouragement for everyone? … Do you know when you praise me, what joy does it give me? « I often pray with a sister until midnight in a remote training center far from any city, a place where we can freely praise God.

One night we rented and prayed to the Lord until two o’clock in the morning, and this sister fell asleep. I continued to pray for another half hour when I saw a vision: I saw two angels, each holding a gold cup that was very large. The angels were catching things for us. At that time, I did not understand what the angels were catching, but I was very excited when I saw the angels, and I praised and prayed more dynamically, constantly. I prayed for a long time, until my voice gradually diminished, I saw something of the overflow of the cup and I stopped my prayer. I was curious to see what was inside the gold cups; I thought maybe it was tears, steam or something similar! But when I looked into a cup, it was filled with perfume and the other angel’s cup was empty; it came empty and remained empty. I was puzzled. At dawn, I went to bed and fell asleep for a while. I did not tell the other sister what had happened last night. She said: « I was too sleepy, but I could hear you praying so hard. Did you have a vision? »

Later, as I knelt by my bed to ask the Lord, the Lord suddenly opened my mind and said, « You, an uns captisive person. There were two angels, one is yours and the other is your friend’s. » I asked the Lord, « Why is the angel holding a cup? » The Lord answered, « To catch your prayers. » I then continued to ask, « Why did my cup overflow, and why was the other cup empty? » replied: « The other person fell asleep. » I said, « Is this as simple as this? »

The Lord said, « Yes, the cup is filled with your prayers. The angel will lift her up and introduce her to God. God will use your prayers to anoint and pour it out. Therefore, prayers can completely destroy the kingdom of disease, even the realm of cancer, because the anointing is made by God, and when it is poured out of God, it is very powerful and can destroy hundreds of satan’s kingdoms. « Once I knew that this was how the anointing was produced, I liked the prayers overnight more than before and prayed non-stop. Sometimes, when my flesh has taken over, the Lord suddenly says, « Liyan, get up. » I said, « I need a little more sleep. » The Lord asked, « What can you produce out of sleep? Can you produce the anointing out of sleep? » I said, « I can’t. » The Lord asked, « Can you produce faith out of sleep? » I said, « I can’t. » The Lord asked, « Can you produce love out of sleep? » I said, « I can’t. » The Lord said, « Where are all these things? It’s in your prayer. » I immediately understood, and I got up and Knelt on the floor to pray, to pray continuously, that the very strong anointing might soon fall. I discovered that the anointing is real.

Therefore, we must build an altar at home, in the last days, for God wants to give us great blessings. This is the revelation I received when I locked myself in for several days and prayed. The Lord said: « There is no longer waiting, we are in the period of the Book of Joel. » Joel’s book says: And then it will happen that I will spread my mind over all flesh; don’t wait any longer, now’s the time. Now the Spirit of God is pouring out, and the Lord has said in these last days that He has a great blessing; blessing is not material things, but the revelation of the end times. For believers, knowing the revelation of the end times will bring the awakening of the whole church. Once the awakening comes, the kingdom of God will come soon after. Through us, the Kingdom of God will spread.

We are now entering the last days. You should spend more time building your relationship with our Lord, your savior. The Lord wants to pass on these messages to everyone and waits for everyone to wake up. This is also the message I have received in the last few days alone, by communing and praying in the closet. The Spirit of the Lord will spread over all flesh, so that we may all follow the rhythm of the Holy Ghost. If you cannot keep pace with the Holy Ghost, you will fall, and once you are ashore, poverty, epidemics, disasters and incurable diseases in the world will increase more and more, you will suffer at the end of time, and it will be very difficult for you!


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Êtes-vous sauvés ? Et si vous devriez mourir ce soir, passerez-vous l'éternité!!??
Et comme il est réservé aux hommes de mourir une seul fois, après quoi vient le jugement,  (Hébreux 9:27)
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