Ex-Muslim Son of Imam Moussa’s Testimony

Ex Muslim Imam Moussa son Testimony

Testimony of Moussa, son of Imam

To God alone be the glory for making the publication of this book possible.

To My Muslim Brother.

My childhood.

I greet you brothers and sisters, my name is Moussa Koné. I am the last and third son of the Koné family. I want to tell you today about my testimony, which is from the experience. At the same time I give you some advice. Brothers and sisters never let yourself be deceived about the salvation of your soul. You can be deceived by a cheque without provision, your wife, your father, your sister may deceive you but on the salvation of your soul. When I was born in 1953, my father, Ibrahim Koné, was already an Imam. My father, who was very affectionate towards me, led me very early to read the Koran at the age of three. At the age of six, I was enrolled in primary school, in first class. However, only three weeks after I was registered, I lost my sight and underwent surgery. This forced me to stay at home, which suited my father very well because his heart’s desire for me was that I should become a serious student of the Koran and would not prefer to send me to school like my two older brothers. His own father had 40 children and none of them were sent to school. So at home, I had no activity other than reading the Koran that I loved greatly.

I must say that the study of the Koran interrupted my basic studies which I followed only from time to time at home with my older brothers. At the age of 13, I am a free candidate for (C.E.P.E.). At the age of 14, I could read the Koran so well that I taught other children in my neighbourhood. As a result of this, children from different tribal groups came to Islam, even the Baoulés.
However, one day while reading the Quran with my father, I asked him a question that came to mind: « If tonight you and I should die, would we go to Paradise? » He said sincerely: « My son, I don’t know. And, I can’t know because the Koran doesn’t say clearly if we can enter Paradise. »
I was touched deeply, but my father was sincere with his God, with me, and with himself. He knew that lying wouldn’t solve anything because I could search the Koran myself and find out the truth. The answer bothered me, but did not change my attitude towards the study of the sacred book of Islam.
And I would like to touch a passage, because we had the power to use the Qur’anic verses to do other things.
At the age of 18, I could recite the Sura and do many things. I will just mention two experiences I had of the Koran. It is neither to glorify myself nor to glorify Satan, but to show how much I had mastered the Qur’an.

Initiation as a Marabout Musulma

We left one night in Vredi, at the current location of the S.I.R. (Ivorian Refinery Company) in Abidjan, it was about 2 o’clock in the morning, there was brush and sand, my father, one of his friends called Adama and I sat in the sand. I was reciting the sura called miracle, Sura Yacine. Ten minutes later, it appeared a strange being a few meters from us. Adama then left us to go and talk to this being. And I continued to recite without knowing what was going on, having been ordered to recite because of my ability to recite this Sura Yacine. This conversation lasted some 20 to 30 minutes after which the being disappeared and Adama returned to join us. My father explained to me that the stranger was a spirit who had come to set up an appointment with us. The next day around 4 p.m., we went into the courtyard and closed it.

There were only the three of us and we had a big male with us. We then began to recite the Surahs of the Qur’an. Actually, it was my turn to do it so. While I was reciting the Yacine and the Korecire Hayatere, Adama abruptly uttered the names of Senegal, Burkina Faso (High-Volta at the time), and Togo, and the 1000 CFA banknotes wrapped in the bags fell from the sky. When he pronounced the name Ghana, it was Ghanaian cedi tickets that fell for us. As we didn’t need a Ghanaian cedi, we decided to stop. Besides, the male was full. Where did that money come from? Probably banks from the countries mentioned. That’s why you see that bank tellers often have problems with their bosses and are accused of embezzlement. While we were somewhere manipulating. Suddenly a huge snake appeared on the money in the suitcase. We closed the suitcase and the money should stay 40 days before being used. It was my first experience of this kind. However, the in-depth knowledge of the Qur’an gave us another science, another way of using it, and this gave me my second experience.

Mr. Kawatim.

A higher education teacher was in love with a white woman, but she was not interested in him. There was no contact between them. However, he came to me to make him a talisman. I asked him for the hair of a white person he brought back from Plateau, the Abidjan business district. I did what is known as kawatim. It is a technique that involves converting a name into numerical numbers and arranging them in a square, in a given order. They are then all wrapped in leather or any other object that are ultimately given to the customer. Those who are marabouts know this.

I converted their names into the numbers and arranged them in a square. I put everything in order, and wrote the name of the Prophet Muhammad on all four sides. I poured some liquid next to the kawatim’s writings on the walaha (a wooden slate used for Qur’anic writing) and gave it to him in a bottle. He should rub the liquid. Three months later, they married and had a child who is now fifteen years old. It was a marriage without the true consent of the woman because she was manipulated by a demonic force that we used through the Koran. Today this couple has a thousand problems and my friend is unhappy. The power of the devil has an end while God’s power is unlimited. After my conversion, I confessed with tears before this man explaining that this was the fruit of the devil This was a step for you quoted a little what we were doing with the mastery of the Koran, but it has nothing to do with real Islam.

A Bible thrown into the sea.

For all the knowledge of the Koranic surate I had, the question I had asked my father tormented me: « If you and I should die, shall we go to Paradise? » Nevertheless, life went on as before and my father had all the honor and respect due to him. We were all very happy about this. He had everything he wanted except cash. So I had to work to help the family. I started working at the Post and Department of Telecommunications and SONITRA later and SOTICI in Abidjan. In 1980, I became a sailor. This was after the discovery of oil in Côte d’Ivoire, on the shores of Grand Bassam. I was one of the first Ivorians to work on these oil bases. They were American rigs drilling into the sea to extract oil. I initially went to work as a replacement for two weeks, but I stayed there for eight years. And it was during these eight years that I had the most extraordinary experiences with the Lord that and that transformed my life.

In 1984, I was on a very large ship that belongs to the S.E.D.C.O. Company. Captain was called Welford, a Mississippi man. One day, this man met me on the deck of the boat and asked me if I was a Muslim. He asked that question because he knew my name. I answered him in the affirmation. So he said, « Tonight I’m coming to your cabin to chat with you. » And there we already find ourselves in the Gulf of Mexico because the contract in Côte d’Ivoire was over. It really surprised me that this man came to see me. I was completely surprised because the Captain of a boat is like a president of the republic knew his ship. He is the most important person. Plus, I was the only black on this ship that was really big and, my room was on the ground floor hers was on the fourth floor. Several questions crossed my mind.

Had I done anything serious? Why didn’t he instead order me to go up and see him? So, like announcing, I was there at 8pm, the Captain arrived. It happened just as I was reading my Koran. He knocked on the door of my room, and came in and sat next to me. He had in his hand a book on which was written « Holy Bible. » The Captain told me that he had come to talk to me tonight about Jesus. Suddenly I was filled with great anger because just the name of Jesus irritated me. I suddenly got up, took the Bible he had put on my bed, and threw it out the window into the sea. I was very happy to have thrown this Bible into the sea, it relieved me and I was very proud. I thought I had annoyed him and was waiting for his reaction. But when I looked at him, I saw a huge smile on his face. He was calm and did not lose his patience in any way.

I was completely surprised because I could never have accepted someone behaving in the way towards me. Who would dare throw my Koran into the sea? The Captain said quietly, « Calm down, boy. » I answered him. « You know I am a Muslim and Muhammad is my prophet. Allah is my God. If you do that again, I’ll leave the boat and go home to Abidjan. » After that conversation, he stopped talking to me directly about Jesus Christ. He did not get angry or discouraged. From that day on, he loved me very much and became closer to me. He came up to me while I was working in the machine room. He gave me soft drinks as the weather was hot, showed me affection, helped me with my work, and talked to me about his life, which he did not do with other whites on the boat. I was really touched.

Now, at the end of 4 years, I should go home and take a vacation and spend some time with my family. I told him, « I go home to share the little money I earned with my parents, because they are poor. Whereas for you, you are very rich. » He said, « I’m not rich. Everything belongs to God. He gave it to me for my family and for my needs, » he spoke modestly. It touched me again, because I knew he was rich. Actually, he owned an airplane and a helicopter as well as several other properties. He added, « It’s easier for a camel to go through the hole of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. » That proverb caught my attention. He had a real impact on me. I didn’t know it was a Bible verse. However, I understood that it was difficult for a rich man to enter Paradise and his riches could take him to hell. I came back to Abidjan with this thought in my head. My father was not there. He was in Bouaké ‘where he was Imam in the industrial district. Before I went to join him there, I met a Ghanaian friend who had worked on the platforms with me.

He told me that an American who lives in Cocody wanted to see me. I refused to go because I had spent a lot of my time with the Americans on the boat and I wasn’t particularly excited to meet him. So I went to spend nine months of my vacation with my family and often prayed with my father. After my leave period, I went back to sea and when I returned to Abidjan a year later. The same Ghanaian was still there and my repeated the same invitation from the American as if I were there and turned the same pages of a book. We went to find this man who was almost my age, His name was John Weed and we started a conversation about the Koran that he knew very well. I didn’t know that day whether he was a Christian or not. He spoke Arabic wonderfully well since he had been a missionary in Egypt.

This conversation triggered in me the same question I had asked my father: « Am I saved? » My leave on land was coming to an end, I returned to sea, on a Danish ship. In addition to my Quran in French, I bought an Arabic English Koran and some Hadiths (stories that tell the actions and proverbs of Muhammad). I personally decided to do some research on the subject of my salvation.

At that time, I had a salary of some 350,000 CFA francs (i.e. 700$USA ) for 28 days of work, and I had the appearance of a serious boy in the eyes of my father but at the end of the world I was I started to lead a life of debauchery at our several ports of call. However, I have never missed my hours of prayer and always respect the right time of prayer. I had a pocket Koran that was always kept with me. But only Islam did not prevent me from leading this life of debauchery. However, what I avoided carefully were cigarettes and alcohol. While I was leading this life, the same question continued to torment me. So I decided to do some research. I remind you brothers and sisters, someone can deceive you by giving you a cheque without provisions, but when it happens about the salvation of your soul, it is important to be very careful so that no one deceives you, because the soul does not return to the world after death. She will face God’s judgment, so there is no possibility of starting your life from scratch, or going through purgatory. It is therefore vital to make sure, now, that you are on the path of truth.

My Search about Hi.

In the evening, I started doing my research in my room after work and after saying my 8 prayers of the day. I did it very quietly. I was alone and concentrated with difficulty. I had entrusted this to God. All I had for my research was the Koran. The Quran contains 114 Surahs and 6247 verses. Regarding my salvation, I took the 100th Sura, verse 6, 7 and 8 which say, « Truly, man is ungrateful to his Lord and he himself is a witness to it. » This verse declared to me my state of sin by keeping from me that I was a witness to it, and that God knew it. As I progressed in my search, I realized that I was not saved, but that I was a sinner. I found in the 101st Sura, the following verses: « Whoever has done full work in the scale will have paradise as his home. But the one who has done less good works will have remains the gap. The ditch is a burning fire. »

So I am a sinner and my sins will be counted and « weighed. » And I asked myself the following question: « If I am a sinner already (according to Sura 100), how can I do more good works than bad ones to go to Paradise? » Continuing my search, I read the 102nd Sura, verse 6-8: « You will see hell, you will certainly see hell and you will account for your well done on this earth ».

So I say to myself, here’s another verse telling me that I see hell. Off I was like someone looking for a loophole, but it was like a shock! The Quran actually told me that I would definitely see Hell. Already, he found me guilty of sin in the 100th Sura and in the 101st Sura, he told me that my sins will be counted, and while I was looking for an exit, he told me that I could not escape. However, I needed a solution because these surahs did not offer me consolation.

I continued my search and arrived at the 107th Sura where it is written, « Woe to those who melt prayer negligently. » It’s true that I prayed regularly. But who knows if since I was a child when I was thirty-five years old today, that I might have neglected a few prayers? The Quran was clear. One should not intentionally accumulate prayers by skipping the hours, because the balance of prayer is of great importance. All this did not give me a point of salvation. I was looking at the 11th Sura, verse 120: « If the Lord had wanted to do so, He would have made all nations one people: But they will not stop debating… and the word and will of the Lord must be fulfilled, when she says: I will fully fill the Hell of men and jinns at the same time. » Here is a very poignant verse. He made me shed tears. He says that if God had desired this way, he would have made all nations a people. That’s why we have different religions. It is also because God has already made his promise, that of filling the hell of men and jinns.

I was filled with anguish. How can we escape that? I was looking for my salvation as a sick person would seek his cure, but I could not find an effective cure with the Koran. But still, the next day, I took over my Koran in the evening. I read the 19th Sura, verses 71 and 72: « There will be none of you rushing there: then we will save those who fear God and the wicked will remain on your knees. » So everyone will be thrown into it, thrown into hell even if it’s just for a minute, because if you do good deeds, you also do bad things and you need to be cleansed to go to heaven. For someone who did good deeds, I was not happy to learn that I would still be going through Hell. For the Koran, those who are righteous are those who go to Mecca, who fast, alms and recites the creed.

If I should meet in hell thugs from Abidjan who know me, they would say, « So, Moussa, you who led a life of prayers with your father you are also here with us? » My brothers and sisters, I looked into the 114 Surahs of the Koran, I can even quote you more. I examined them one by one, and there was no one who could tell me with certainty that I would go to Paradise. No verse in the Quran gives us salvation, it is impossible. I was very worried. I closed the Koran, and lay down with fear and despair in my heart.

The Truth of the Bible confirmed.

After these investigations into salvation, there was another problem that bothered me: that of whether the Injil (Gospel) and the Torah are true or not? I remembered that many times in Abidjan, the Christians had tried to preach the gospel to me. I always said that their book had been falsified. That’s what every good Muslim believes. However, I wanted to be clear in my own mind about salvation. As usual, after 8 p.m. after I prayed, I opened my Quran to Sura 2, verse 130.

In other versions it corresponds to verse 135, and it says; « Say: We believe in Allah and in what we have been revealed, and in that we did not bring down to Abraham and Ishmael and Isaac and Jacob and the Tribes, and to the book that was given to Moses and Jesus, and to the book that was given to the prophets , coming from their Lord: we make no distinction between them. And to Him we are Submissive. » Now I understood: God gave his book to Moses and Jesus. The book of Moses is the Pentateal, and that of Jesus the Injil, that is, the Gospel. The Quran therefore told me not to distinguish between these books and that Muslims should submit themselves to God’s will.

I had never read the book of Moses or Jesus. In the Quran, the stories of Moses and Jesus are scattered among the Surahs. Where was I going to find these books? Was I going to touch the Christian Bible when I had thrown into the sea? If I read in the book Jesus and he told me that he was the only way was, what did I have to believe in that? The commandment of the Koran was clear: I had not to tell the difference between all these books and the Koran. I was supposed to have faith in them. But would God ask me to believe in a falsified book? I was now embarrassed. I thought the book was corrupt, but the Koran commanded me to obey it.

I continue my meditation, I came to the fifth Sura in verse 47, which says: « But how would they ask you to be their judge when they have with them the Pentateal in which the precepts of Allah are found? And they turned away from it. » This verse refers to Muhammad and the Jews. God told Muhammad that the Jews cannot take him to be a judge or judge since they have the Pentateal. The lesson I learned from it was that if anyone has the Pentateal, he has the Word of God. This book came from God and therefore contains the Word of God. Therefore, it cannot be corrupted. In the same Sura, verse 50 says: « After other prophets, We sent jesus, son of Mary, to confirm what was in the Thora before him. And We gave him the Gospel, where there is guidance and light, to confirm what was in the Thora before him, and a guide and exhortation for the stakes. »

I was deeply touched by the fact that the Quran says that it was God himself who gave the gospel to Jesus, and that the Gospel is the counsel and the light for all people, and that it confirms the book of Moses which is the Torah or the Pentateal. Verse 51 of Sura 5 says: « Let the people of the Gospel judge from what Allah has put there. Those who do not judge from what Allah has put there, these are lost. » I therefore understood that the one who leads his life according to the gospel is led by God. So I found in the Koran confirmation that the Gospel is the Word of God given to Jesus.

All the same, I continue my search, and verse 72 of the same 5th Sura says to me: « Say: O people of the Book, you do not hold on to anything, as long as you do not conform to the Thora and the Gospel and to what has been given to you by your Lord. » This clearly states that the person who calls himself a Christian must be based on his book which is the gospel, or otherwise nothing is solid. You can check this out for yourself. All this is written in the Koran. I’m not creating anything. The third Sura tells me this in the 109th verse: « But they are not all the same. He is, among the people of the Book, a straight community who, at night time, recites the verses of Allah by prostrate themselves. » I said to myself: « Before the arrival of Muhammad and Islam, the Word of God already existed with Christians. Why would God send another contradictory Word, because the Koran and the Bible are completely opposite? » How can God, who is Holy and righteous, do this? I began to worry and have doubts, and the questions continued to flood my mind, and for good reason: The Bible I pushed away was confirmed through the Koran. Nevertheless, I was not discouraged. I looked at the 10th Sura, verse 94: « And if you are in doubt about what We have made known to you, then ask those who read the Book revealed before you. The truth has certainly come to you from your Lord: therefore, do not be one of those who doubt. »

This verse was addressed directly to Muhammad the founder of Islam. I loved Muhammad very much, but he did not understand this verse which said to him: « Mahomet, if you are in doubt, ask those who received the Sacred Scriptures before you. » He was asked to consult those who read the Gospel and the Pentateal, namely Christians and Jews, because they received the revelations of God. Now, I wonder, if during these moments of doubt, I, Moussa, could go and ask those who received the Holy Scriptures before me. I had to comply without a doubt with this specific verse which is a commandment of the Qur’an. I asked myself: Suppose I close the Koran to go and question « those who received the Holy Scriptures before me, » as the Quran commands me and that on the way I meet a Muslim brother who wants to persuade me to go back, what should I do? Should I obey the man or the Koran? I should obey the Koran. The Quran, however, tells me to ask those who « received the Sacred Scriptures before me. » How could God tell a prophet to go and see a book that is said to be corrupt?

But the Quran contains eight verses that attest that the word of God cannot be changed. He who gave the Pentateeuque to Moses, as well as the gospel to Jesus, and God watches over his Word. Therefore It cannot be twisted. There is no verse in the Quran that the Bible has been falsified. However, there is a part of the Quran that says that the Jews have twisted the Word of God through their language. When Muhammad referred to them, they asked them to tell him the things that were in the Pentateque and they did not unroll all the parchment and said to him: « Rahina, you will hear but you will not understand »

In other words, the Quran says nowhere that the Holy Scriptures that came before him were falsified but this man of the street who says that. Please open your eyes this is for you. Do not make any in the word of a man, even if it is an Imam or a marabout. Instead, look at the book, Holy Scripture, the Word of God, it is important to know where you are.

I was already in my sixth month on the boat and I should do the summary of my research. I didn’t go out in the nightclub anymore. I had lost weight. I was down from 80 kg to 60 kilograms. I was concerned about my salvation, however the book I loved so much since my childhood did not reassure me. No verse has told me that I can enter Paradise. The person who knows the Koran knows what I’m talking about. I wanted to check if the Bible was corrupt but there was nothing business, the Bible is the truth confirmed by the Koran. The Quran tells me eight times that the Word of God cannot be changed. So I even found confirmation of the Pentateal and the Gospel in the Qur’an.

Jesus Christ, the Crucified and Risen Saint. A. The Sacred One. As I continued my research, I knew that the one who was the object of controversy and struggle was Jesus. Christians say that he is the Son of God while Muslims say that God cannot father a child and that this is not possible. Did he take a woman to have a child. « It’s blasphemy, » they say. Because of this controversy, I decided to continue my research on the person of Jesus. I took the 19th Sura where his birth is announced.

It is written in verses 16 and 17:
 » Mentions, in the Book (The Story of Mary), Mary, when she withdrew from her family in a place to the East. She put a veil between her and them. We sent her Our Spirit, who presented himself to her in the form of a perfect man. She said, ‘I take refuge against you with the Most Merciful. If you’re axle,[ne m’approche point]. He said, ‘I am in fact a Messenger of your Lord to give you a sacred son.’ Commentators of the Koran agree that « sacred » is « sinless. » In the 114 Surahs, I discovered that five different titles larger than the others were attributed to him.

He is called, the Messiah, and the Son of Mary, because no one knew him to have a human father. Unlike Muhammad who is called the « son of Abdullah, » Jesus is called the Apostle of God, the Spirit of God and the Word of God. He was said to be in the 3rd Sura in verse 40, one of God’s closeness, honored on this earth and in the afterlife. In the 114 Surahs of the Qur’an, no sin is attributed to him. He came to heal and take care of people. During his short life, he did nothing but good deeds. The Quran (third Sura, verse 35) compares him to Adam because he is superior to other prophets. It is the manifestation of the greatest miracle. In fact, he is bigger than Adam because the last one was made of dust. When he died, he became dust while Jesus is the Spirit of God and the Word of God. When he died, he returned to God but not to dust.

I recognized therefore that Jesus is superior to Adam. Besides, Adam and the other prophets are sinners. Adam’s sin can be found at 36 of the second Sura, moses’s sin in Sura 28, verses 15 and 16, and Jonah’s sin in Sura 37, verse 142.

As for Muhammad, his sins are not mentioned, but it is said of him in Surahs 40, the believer: « Oh Muhammad, God’s promises are the truth: ask for forgiveness of your sins in the morning and evening and this will be granted to you. » Also read Surahs 47:19 and 48:1.

I thought to myself, « Mahomet also has sinned. So, how is it that Jesus never sinned? Why is he above all the other prophets? » I was outraged and jealous of Muhammad, I ended up having a lot of respect and consideration for Jesus. He has lived on this earth for more than 30 years, and there is no mention of his sins. My God, who is this man? I gently closed the Koran that day which was an exceptional day, and the next day I continued my search after 8 p.m. when I finished the work. During this period, we spent a week at sea without landing or seeing the land. I stared at the sea through the window, stretched it out, the sky too, and the two seemed to meet on the horizon. In front of this shimmering blue spectacle, I exclaimed, « Indeed, God is powerful! »

Jesus crucified and resurrected.

Some Christians told me that Jesus was crucified and that for this reason their sins had been forgiven. I thought it was too good to be true. So I wanted to be sure about him. I opened the Quran to the fourth Sura entitled: Women, in verse 156: « They say that we have killed Christ, Jesus, son of Mary, the Messenger of Allah… They did not kill him or crucify him; Another person who looked like him was killed in his place! But Allah raised him alive to Him. And Allah is Mighty and Wise. » It was the happiest day of my life. It was the first time since I started my research six months ago that I had found a verse that contradicted Christians, and the Koran really seemed to me. I went to sleep with the intention of continuing my search in the next few days. I’d changed. I didn’t go to the nightclubs anymore, although my friends invited me. They wondered why, but I avoided telling them because they could not understand what was going on between God and me.

The next day, I opened the Quran in verse 48 of the third Sura (or around 55, according to other versions). It is said: « Oh Jesus, I will make you suffer death, I will raise you to me, and I will deliver you from the unbelievers and what follows you will be above what do not believe in you until the day of resurrection. You will come back to me, I will judge your differences. » This verse knocked me out. It had the effect of a hammer on me. In fact, two elements of this sura are at odds with verse 156 of the fourth Sura. The Quran states in the fourth Surahs: « They did not kill him, they did not crucify him, » while in the third Sura in verse 48 (or 55), the same Quran says: « God said to Jesus: I will make you suffer death, I will raise you to me. » I’ll put you to your death. It looks like the crucifixion. The words: I will raise you to me reminds me of the resurrection of death. And finally, he says that those who follow Jesus Christ are above those who do not follow him until the day of resurrection. Thus the crucifixion is denied in verse 156 of the fourth Sura, but confirmed indirectly in verse 48 (or 55) of Sura 3. And the end of the verse is clear: Those who follow Jesus Christ are above those who do not follow him until the day of resurrection. It is not for 10 years or 40 years, but until the day of resurrection. And from that day I had come to accept that Christians were above me. For the days of Jesus have not yet passed, the Quran says that it is until the resurrection. I wasn’t really ready to accept that!

At that very moment, the other questions crossed my mind, especially about the fourth sura where the crucifixion is refuted. How can the God of glory, the mighty God, deceive men? How could he pretend and make men believe that Jesus Christ was crucified when he was not? This is not typical of God. God in his power and glory, he raised Jesus Christ in all sovereignty without the need of anyone. What would God gain from hiding the truth when He is the Truth himself?

I continued my research and read the 19th Sura until verse 34. Jesus Christ, a tiny child in his manger, says this: « Peace will be upon me on the day I was born, the day I die, and the day I am resurrected alive. » We accept the fact that peace remained him on the day of his birth, on the day of his resurrection, but not on the day he died because we do not want to accept his death. However, there can be no resurrection without death. This verse indirectly attests that Jesus Christ was killed and risen from the dead. I was convinced of that. I understood a lot of things during those six months. In fact, on the boat alone with my Koran, I realized this certainty that:
– In the Koran; there is no salvation!
– Let the Quran confirm the truth of the Bible; – That Jesus Christ is above the other prophets. He is the Messiah, the Apostle of God, the son of Mary, the Spirit of God, the Word of God, one of God’s trusted men, honored here low and in the afterlife. I was also convinced that He was crucified.

Appearance of a Supernatural Being.

After all these revelations, I didn’t know what to do. I tried to let off steam with the others because seven months already, but it was no longer exciting. I couldn’t eat. I was gloomy because I knew I wasn’t saved. This, one night I thought to myself, « If these trials I go through are from God, then he should prove it to me physically. He should show me what to do, speak to me in an audible voice. Tonight, when I returned to my cabin, I spoke to God in Jula, my native language and not in Arabic. I said this: « My father is an Imam. When I’m with him, I lead the prayers. All my uncles are Imams. I am the descendant of an Imam. For this reason, I cannot abandon Islam. » I turned off the light, it was 9.30pm, so all of a sudden another light appeared in my cabin. Someone was there. First I was scared but after his presence did not scare me more but reassured me. The person in question approached me and placed his hand on my right shoulder. I remember this episode as if it only happened yesterday.

He spoke to me, saying that everything I needed to know was already revealed to me and it was up to me to decide whether or not to believe. After that, everything went dark again. I took a look in my room (cabin) to see this Being but I couldn’t find it, it had completely disappeared. Finally I knocked on the door of my neighbor, a Dane. He came out, his eyes were reddening with sleep. He was drunk. I asked him if he was earlier in my room for a few seconds. He said, « Are you crazy? What would I have come to your room to do at this hour? » I apologized and came back to my cabin. Overwhelmed by vision, I couldn’t sleep the whole night.

The Burnt Koran.

The next evening, after supper and prayer, I repeated my request to God. I took the Koran and recited Sura Yassin. I didn’t know that God had to be challenged, and that when you defy God, he shows you who he really is. I was reading when I suddenly saw a burning coal in the right page of my Koran. Before I could react, another burning coal fell from above. Two coals were burning my Koran. After that there were several others. I would sit on my bed with my legs crossed and with my back to the wall. The Koran started to burn. I looked up and there was indeed the ceiling of my cabin and not the sky. Where did these burning coals come from? I was scared, but not for my safety. I was afraid because the sacred book of Islam, the book of every Muslim, the book I was holding, was burning. This book, which is the guide to a billion people in the world, a book in which approximately 50% of the population of Côte d’Ivoire believe, went up in flames! Just as I was waiting to receive the burn in my hands, everything burned, despite the hard cardboard blanket that connected the Koran. Instead of being burned myself, I received only ash in my hand. That day, I felt the greatest terror of my life. I’ve never been so scared. This episode lasted thirty minutes. I was terrified of what I went through and didn’t sleep until the morning. I spent four nights as an insomniac because I was resisting sleep, but on the fifth day, I couldn’t resist. I was overcome by a deep sleep. I woke up late the next day.

During this sleep, I had had a dream. In this dream, I saw a great man standing in front of me. He had eyes as clear as headlights of a car and that dazzled me. He was approaching me. I was scared, very frightened, but suddenly my fear gave way to courage and I went to meet him. As I was going to touch him, he stopped and I asked him his name. He refused to tell me who he was. Instead, he began to recite the Islamic creed: « Laila la l’ho: Muhammad lah du rassoula. » So he withdrew and disappeared. I woke up startled and realized at that very moment that there was something in me that was stronger than what was in him. In the morning I felt much better and relaxing at work. I felt like there was a change in my life. I had more strength and my nights became normal.

But now we had to come to a conclusion, I found that there is no salvation in the Koran and that the Pentateal and the Gospel are books of God. I also realized that Jesus is a Prophet above all prophets, that he is sinless unlike other prophets, and that he was crucified. I asked God to give me some physical proof. There was this physical vision, the burning of the Koran and then and this person symbol of Islam who fled in my dream.

My commitment.

I had spent eight months on the boat and was nearing the end of my contract. I landed permanently, I returned to Abidjan and found in Cocody (Abidjan) the missionary who had contacted me through my Ghanaian colleague previously. Without giving him a detailed report, I told him that I will accept Jesus Christ now. We prayed together. This prayer was so sincere that for the first time I knew that I had really spoken to God. I confessed my sins. I was full of joy. It was wonderful. That was the day I accepted it.

I got out of his house and headed for Cocody’s Post Office. There, I suddenly and unconsciously marked a stop because of my deep focus on Jesus near a newsstand that belongs to a Senegalese. I closed my eyes and, as in a film, I saw all the sins, sins committed in nightclubs, my indecent sins, the sin of invoking the money bills, and so on. I was there for only about 2 minutes while many of my sins flashed before my eyes. I opened my eyes and around me there was a gathering. The old Senegalese who had followed everything from the beginning, asked me what was going on. I simply said, « It’s Jesus, » and I went on my way. He didn’t understand anything, he said to those who were there, « Certainly, he’s crazy. » I knew that Jesus Christ had entered my life and that he had forgiven me and given this indescribable joy.

To My Muslim Brother.

I hope I have helped you to discover the source of this indescribable joy through this brief testimony. You have seen my determination to follow the Koran despite the contradictions I have detected in it. You realized with magnitude I was attached to the religion of my fathers. However, I thank God for giving me the strength to say yes to the truth proclaimed by the Bible. Muslim friend, what are you going to do? Will you follow the « uncertainties » of the Qur’an or will you go to the side of the one who is the truth, Jesus Christ who now assures you of salvation and of course, in the afterlife? Even if you have been deceived in all religions and by different paths, but do not accept it when it is about the salvation of your soul. Don’t trust the simple words of an Imam or a marabout, but take the Koran and scrutinize it, study it. If you are called Abdoulaye, Moussa, Maimouna, Fatou, Bakary or any other name, do not say, « Because my father is Muslim, I am also Muslim. » Ask yourself if you’re safe? If you die today, will you go to Paradise? That is the question you have to answer.

You will certainly discover in your Qur’anic research that you can be saved through your good works, but think about it for a while: are you sure you are doing enough good deeds to earn a place in Paradise? When you do the right deeds, you also do bad things that God sees. That is why the Koran cannot assure you of salvation. You will only find « uncertainties » in the Koran while the Bible you refuse is confirmed by the Koran. It is the only way over any other path.

Don’t trust your wealth or social standing. Don’t look around. Look at your own life. The important thing is that your sins be forgiven, and the only way by which it is necessary is Jesus Christ. He forgives your sins, even what you have committed since you were young. Doesn’t the Quran say that those who follow Jesus are above those who do not believe in him? My Muslim friend, what are you going to do? « Come on! Follow me! » said Jesus. Will you do it?

For more information about the author, contact: Pastor Moussa Koné Editions La Bonne Voie 01 B.P. 53, Abidjan 01, R.C.I. Tel: (225) 41-81-20


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Êtes-vous sauvés ? Et si vous devriez mourir ce soir, passerez-vous l'éternité!!??
Et comme il est réservé aux hommes de mourir une seul fois, après quoi vient le jugement,  (Hébreux 9:27)
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