Testimony of Tio Chico a former Freemason and Spiritualist

Testimony of Tio Chico Former sorcerer Freemason and spiritualist

Testimony of an ex-witch, Freemason and spiritualist. Tio Chico.

Testimony given on the occasion of a cult in Brazil.

Becoming a Freemason requires several requirements. We sign a confidentiality clause, so we cannot go out or reveal what is going on inside that circle. That’s why I lost my daughter, my daughter was taken as punishment. My daughter, who was 12 years old, they took her and took her to a wood. They assaulted my daughter, they shot her two times in the forehead. Then they called me to say: – Pastor, we ordered the murder of your daughter, so that you would shut up, you betrayed us.


Has anyone here in the church had the misfortune of rubbing shoulders with or practicing spiritualism? Mercy! It’s really something bad. I’m going to cut short, because my full testimony totals 11 hours. So we’re going to try to shorten it. The pastor will make a prayer, if the devil is present he will fall to his knees by the grace of God, Hallelujah God is faithful. Beloved, it was my father who introduced me to Freemasonry. I stayed there for a while and at first I did 5 evil « initiations ». After that, I quickly rose to rank. Because my father guided me, my own father taught me.

In spiritualism the devil is a « holy » and in Freemasonry he comes as « Lord of the armies ».

After a few months, after a while, I had reached grade 30. I entered the rank where neither the women of the Freemasons nor the new members enter but only the leaders and the first thing I saw in this room was a goat! Have you ever heard that in Freemasonry there is a goat? Many Freemasons say that is not true, but there is a goat. There are cults, there are rooms where even your wife can’t enter, there are many secrets, several closed doors. Beloved, in this place begins the ritual of black magic, the goat is incorporated, embodied by the spirit of the devil, by Lucifer, Belzebuth, the prince of darkness. The animal began to look exactly like someone who is possessed. The devil had entered the goat.

The initiation.

One of the high-ranking officers came to me to tell me that I had to kneel before the goat, and worship him. I bent my knees and kissed the animal’s head. And when I finished, I said these words: « Lord of the armies, at this moment I deliver my soul into your hands » I gave my whole name and it was written in a book that had a black cover. « I’ll give you my daughter’s soul »

Every Freemason gives his eldest son or eldest daughter. The children of the Freemasons, die only by tragedy: accidents, incurable diseases. When my older daughter was 2 years old, she was killed with a dagger in her heart. I’m not going to tell you how it happened, I’m going to start crying I couldn’t do it. The devil used my own father to sacrifice her. So I killed, sacrificed my own daughter, with a knife in my heart. I am on parole, I have 23 trials on my back right now because of the crimes I have committed. Today I walk with Jesus Christ.

I also handed over my mother’s soul and that of my wife, and I made an alliance with him. From my right arm, I was removed 15ml of blood that was injected into the goat. It was taken 15ml from the animal’s blood which was injected into my left arm.

In the past I had in my body the blood of the goat, today I have the blood of Jesus. Amen! When the blood of the goat ran through my veins, I was in this Masonic lodge, it was past 10pm everything went black. My whole body started to heat up, to burn, I felt like my scalp was being ripped off and all my bones were breaking. I was in a critical condition, in a chaotic situation. When I turned to leave, because I could no longer stand this bad thing in me that was hurting me, I was paralyzed like a statue. It was burning, I was in pain, I closed my eyes and when I opened them again, I could not see anything, not even the candles that were there. I was in total darkness, I was already in darkness. I stayed 15min in this situation and when I opened my eyes again, before me it was no longer the goat that was there, but Satan.

Materialized in the flesh! He was wearing a suit, a tie, a purple band on his belt. Blond, blue eyes he took on the appearance of an ordinary man. He put his left hand on my shoulder and he spoke in tongues. He said to me, « My faithful servant, humiliate yourself before your lord. »

I knelt down, kissed his feet and when I got up, I kissed his hands. To my right, at a distance of 3 meters, there was some kind of male doll. This doll represented Jesus, with long hair, mustache and beard. The devil said to me, « Go to Jesus and curse your ancient God, your false prophet, the one I crucified. »

I approached the doll and said these words: « False prophet, you said you came to Earth to save, heal and free, you are a liar! The churches say your name but the people beg for their bread, that’s why you were crucified, I spit in your face » and I spat.

I kicked in this performance, everyone applauded and there was a party. In the Masonic lodge, there is also the sacrament. Only leaders, from grade 30 to 33, participate. After 10 p.m., the black magic ritual begins on the last Friday of each month. From the demon-owned goat, 20ml of blood is taken from the middle of the cene in a human skull with ether so that the blood does not clot, they all arrive with a piece of bread that they lift to heaven and say « I crucify you again » and they all eat this bread bathed in the blood of the goat.

The life of abundance.

The Cursed of Hell (Satan), offered me 2 mansions, 12 apartments in Brasilia, 2 country houses, a fazenda (large farm), 4 companies. I was doing a service to public bodies, the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate, the Congress, the Courthouse, the Central Bank of Brazil. I was chief of staff at the central bank, I held senior positions for 8 years.

Satan gave me a Limousine, a Ferrari, a Mercedes Benz and a BMW. When I was in the office, I can’t count the number of times my wife called me and said « I want to have lunch in Miami, » « I want to go to Tokyo » « I want to know all about Brazil, I want to know the whole world. » From Brazil we have known all the capitals, all the states. My life was a celebration, my life was dedicated to pleasure, my life was dedicated to evil. How many times I came home with 400 thousand or 500 million dollars that I threw on the bed and I had fun telling my wife that we were filling our pillows not with moss or feathers but with money.

But when I slept, I didn’t have peace of mind, I wasn’t quiet. I had no peace, for Satan had turned me into a thief, a fine thief. A white-collar thief. I wasn’t the kind of thief to go pick up a gun and attack people in the street, no, I was stealing inside the bank. At the end of the week, when I was working at the Central Bank, I was taking all the investments, leaving a small amount in the accounts in Brasilia. I transferred all the money into my own account and placed it during the weekend, system over night, on Monday I returned this money and just in investment interest I had between 1.5 million to 2 million Cruzeiros, which I sent in accounts Switzerland. Currently I have a trial with the federal, military and civil police in Brasilia. I was considered the greatest fraudster of that time, but everything was fine as long as the devil protected me.

He also turned me into a drug dealer, from « Comando vermelho » (Red Commando). I was trafficking between Brasilia and Goiânia. I knew the biggest traffickers and I always had several weapons on me. I myself have been a user, I have used several types of drugs, I have even overdosed. Once I was so possessed, so desperate for drugs that I went to the pharmacy to buy ether, I took the gas from my car, I injected myself and I went crazy, the firemen tied me up to the station, in the center of Brasilia and I still managed to free me.

I had a BMW as I told you, I was doing magic rituals in my car, I was going all the way to Angola to practice magic. I didn’t like Umbanda, Quimbanda or Candomblé (these are mystical religions) for me all this was weak.

I loved voodoo, witchcraft fetishes, I loved what could kill right away! In my car in red letters was written « Throne of Satan. » I was a « Pai de santo » (sort of marabout). I was a homosexual « pai de santo » because all the « pai de santo » are homosexual. For 6 months I was a man as you see there, and for the other 6 months I was possessed, I went out at night in short skirt, lipstick etc.

Mercy! By the grace of God!

The second pact.

It took place in Salvador in the state of Bahia. With a « mae de santo » (marabout woman). I wasn’t the only one. The purpose of this pact in Salvador was to get all the women I would like. The devil is a liar, he came to kill, steal and destroy.

The « mae de santo » shaved my head 21 times. The last time she shaved me, she drew the shape of a cross at me. Then I was put in a « rancore » (black room) where I stayed 7 days and 7 nights lying on top of 2 banana leaves. There were big candles there and I was feeding on animal blood and cachaça (Brazilian brandy, made from sugarcane juice, distilled at 40 degrees), without the right to go to the toilet or to perform the necessities Physiological. I had to hold back. The first night, the « mae de santo » brings a ratazana (big wild rat), she slits his throat and I drink all the blood. Then it was a goat, a dog, a rabbit, a cabri, etc.

The most absurd thing is that I am outraged because the authorities do not take care of it, they do not take any action, I will tell you what I am talking about. Last night, she sacrificed a 3-month-old child! It’s not disclosed, but it’s legal! It’s legalized by the status of the spirit federation! The sacrifice of human beings, as if we were sacrificing animals!

The authorities do not take action, because 90% of our great entrepreneurs and politicians are part of this mafia of Satan. I was the « pai de santo » of Maluf, Orestes Quércia, Lula, Xuxa, etc. and 68 large companies! I know who ordered my daughter’s murder! When I get up on the last day, the « mae de santo » makes me a gash at the right thigh, in the shape of a cross. She took my private part, and with the knife she began to write letters while cutting me she formed the name LUCIFER. After that my life deteriorated.

I had to have all the women I wanted, I lost mine. I stayed out of my house for eight months. I lived in my fazenda, I lived with something else … 8 months doing what is totally anti-biblical. I walked with her, she accompanied me everywhere, I kissed her, I made love with her, she was everywhere with me, in my car etc. I even took him on a trip to Brasilia.

Dear Loved Ones, Deuteronomy 27:21 says:
« Cursed the one who sleeps with some beast! … « The devil made me fall in love with a dog and I lived 8 months with a dog that I was raising in my fazenda. My life has gone from bad to worse. I was going to work with dead bodies at midnight in the cemeteries. I was feeding on their viscera. A young girl had died, on the 4th day at midnight, I went to the cemetery, I desecrated her grave, to do my rituals.

When I approached a tomb belonging to a servant of God, a fireball rolling at a high speed appeared and materialized into a giant bat of 1.5m-2m, shouting, « You can’t touch it, it doesn’t belong to you! »

But when it was the body of others, socialites, people with lives and slight manners, I could quietly remove the coffin and approach the decomposing bodies. So I was incorporated by the demon « Caboclo Boiadeiro ». And I had hand-to-hand contact with the corpse, I lived with the corpse. And by the demon, I ate the parts of the corpse, which were already rotten.

I sink into the practice of evil.

I also performed 15 abortions in the spiritual centre. I performed abortion on 2 Christian girls.

These girls were dating boys from around the world, their parents tried to call them to order, their brothers and pastors, but they did not listen. They said they would be able to convert them and take them to church.

That is not true, the Bible warns us about this, and I can tell you, that it is easier to be ripped from your church, that you bring people back. The devil is smart, he’s strong. Don’t have fun with it, stay in your church, praise the Lord, seek the Lord.

There is no need to say « the devil is on my way » if he is on your way to hunt him! Jesus gave you authority. You don’t have to dwell on these things, look ahead and follow your path! One of these girls looked for me, I had a huge table of 3 meters in my center. At the time I had this witchcraft center where I received people.

The poor couldn’t come. I only worked for the elite: Xuxa, the president of Fiat in Brazil, almost all the politicians of Brasilia, Sarney, Antonio Carlos Magalhaes (who was one of the greatest eaters of corpses. He was a doctor, entrepreneur, politician several times governor of Bahia). These are the people who ordered my daughter’s murder. To return to the Christian girl who wanted to have an abortion, I covered the large table with a white cloth. On the left side of the girl, I lit a black candle for « Exu ». To his right is a red candle for « Pombogira » (demonic entity). At the level of his left foot, a green candle for the entities of the virgin forest, at the level of his right foot a white candle for his guardian angel. Those who practice spiritualism have often had to be washed in dirty water, black water that smells very bad, worse than a skeptical pit. The devil made me drink this water and wash in that water.

This young woman lying on this table, a sorcerer’s assistant came to wash her body with this water, going from the neck to the feet. Then she was put in a sitting position and made her drink that water. This water is rotten because it is made in an earthen vase containing cachaça (alcoholic drink, see above), coarse salt, animal fat, « Pedra de Aruanda » (sort of cauris), « Azeite de dendê » (palm oil), some herbs, urine and faeces of the « pai de santo. » When the girl recouched on the table, I approached her, already incorporated by the spirit of « Pombagira », my right hand resting on her belly, I gave pats of the left hand on the right hand. So I took the fetus out of its belly and raised it from the hand above, to the sky. And then I was ingesting this fetus. Incorporated with this spirit, I swallowed a total of 15.

One day I went to my father’s house, there was no one there. Just my little sister who was only 13 years old. I asked where the parents had gone, she told me they had gone shopping. Suddenly, between her and me, I see Satan who materializes, who comes in and speaks to me, she did not see him, but I saw him.

He points to my sister saying « this woman was your wife in past reincarnation and she was not happy because she did not have a child of you. To be happy in this current reincarnation, she must have a child of you. » My dear brothers and sisters, reincarnation does not exist. God tells us that it is up to man to die only once, « It is reserved for man to die only once after which comes judgment. Hebrews 9.27 « 

The devil is the father of lies, he spoke to me and I believed him. Then he came into me, and today my sister has a child of mine, that child is the same age as my eldest son. There are members of my family who don’t talk to me anymore because of that. So I sacrificed my 2-year-old daughter to masonry, I fattened my little sister, and I shot my 8-year-old son three times, because the devil told me that once he was an adult, he would kill me. That day I was alone in my room, my son was keeping the television again, and the devil appeared to me, he said to me:

« Go there kill this child, if you don’t, when he’s a young man he’s going to kill you » I took the gun from the drawer, I went to my son who was watching TV, and I said « Luis » When he looked at me he saw the gun , he fled into a corner of the room he put his two hands on his face and he started crying. I aimed at the stomach, the bullets came out on the other side. When he collapsed, another demon came into me, I took a dagger and opened my son from the neck to the stomach. My brothers, this child did not die because of God.

He stayed 4 months in the hospital, he was under the death penalty, I still spent a lot of money on care. He didn’t die, he got over it. He became rebellious, he was afraid of me his father, afraid of society, he was afraid of the whole world. He was locked up in a room for 10 years. He spent all his days in this room, from breakfast to dinner. When something was brought to him, he would ask « who is it? » or « Is that the thing? » he called me the thing.

The domestic workers said I was out, while I was only in another room, so he opened the door, took what he had to take and closed it immediately. For him to go to school, I had to get out of the house, so he clung to the necks of the domestic workers who took him to the school bus. Similarly, when he came home, I had to not be there.

Today he is 20 years old, he lives with his grandmother. He shouts my name and makes plans, so he can take revenge on me. When I call Brasilia, where he lives with his grandmother, when he recognizes my voice on the phone, he hangs up.


I practiced many rituals, so many sacrifices, I was involved in so many crimes, so many deaths, I shot 40 people, I sacrificed 22 children, I performed 3 deliveries, I scandalized my own body, I defiled my family, and I said, « My house and I will serve the Lord God » I have been in evangelism for 13 years, including 9 years of pastorship. I spent 6 years and 7 months of fasting and prayers for my son, for my family. The Bible says that a certain category of demons comes out only through prayer and fasting.

After these 6 years and 7 months of prayers and fasts, I called one day in Brasilia and I was told: « Wait, your son wants to talk to you » Pray my brothers, pray, all the walls of Jericho that are in your lives, will collapse! Let us pray my brothers, let us pray!

There are people who do not achieve anything in life, for lack of prayers, they call the pastor to pray for them. « Pastor do this to me, pastor, do this to me »; Do it yourself! We’re here to help. So my son answers the phone, he who called me the thing, called me Dad. He said, « Dad, these days I walked past an evangelical church near my grandmother’s house. Because of the praise I went to the door of the congregation and when I was there, I felt a hand, resting on my shoulder. I looked around me, there was no one yet this hand was still there, it led me inside the church. When I approached the lectern, I cried and I shouted, I told the pastor that I wanted to be a believer like my father » Glory to Jesus. He continues « Dad, today I understand what you did what you did when I was a child, I forgive you by the name Jesus, do not worry about what the devil is doing in your life. Here in Brasilia we pray my church and I for you, continue to preach, to spread the good Word » God is faithful my brothers.

Anecdotes from past stories.

I remember when I was a sorcerer, a woman came to the house, and she said, « Tio Chico, I’ve been living here recently and two weeks ago, people also came to live near my house. I don’t know what religion they belong to, they do weird prayers and speak strange languages, I don’t even know if they are Brazilian in any case, it bothers me. » They were Christians. Christian fanatics she called crazy. The Bible warned us that we would be treated badly.

This woman brought candles for me to do a job so they could leave. And I told him that in 7 days there would be no one, they would all be gone, even the house was going to fall. After 7 days the woman came to ask me if I had done the work I told her that yes. She told me that it didn’t work and that there were more people, they speak a strange language, they pour oil, I can’t take it anymore.

And then I told him, that my spirits told me that we could not touch these people because these people pray on their knees, they pray to the Lord God. So I was the « pai de santo » of the multinational FIAT in Brazil, and they launched a car, a car that I dedicated to a demon, Fiat had given this model the name of a demonic entity: Marea. I received in my body the « Exu Marea. » If you have one of these cars, don’t be afraid, there’s no need to get rid of them. Simply pray and dedicate it to God like any other object you possess! You can’t say that on this earth you can’t consume anything that comes from Satan, in which case, makes a world just for you. Because you can’t escape it. But you have the strength of prayer.

Because more than 90% of the products are dedicated to demons. You can’t imagine how many of these things I blessed by the demon before they were launched on the market, and I also include food products. I was « pai de santo » from the Brand of Bordon Sausage. I worked for the largest company of the richest man of Brasilia, Wagner Canhedo. He is an entrepreneur, a politician who owns 12 multinationals. I chose the name of one of these companies: VASP! All these companies have names beginning with the letter « V » because the devil told him that for him, it would be victory names. The first name he chose for his first company was: Viplan, it is the name of a bus company that runs in the Federal District and VIPLAN meant: « Vim-doinferno-para-liquidar-a-naço »: I come from hell to liquidate the nation. They give 30% of their income to maintain the spirits and the « pai de santo ». The devil is the Devourer!

Yet we Christians do not even give tithing, the 10th of the salary to our God and we still wonder why we are not blessed… « Malachi 3.8 Does a man deceive God? For you are cheating on me, and you say: What have we deceived you? In tithes and offerings. 3:9 You are struck by the curse, and you deceive me, the whole nation! 3:10 Bring to the house of the treasury all the tithes, so that there may be food in my house; Put me to the test in this way, Say the Lord of the Armies. And you will see if I do not open for you the locks of heaven, If I do not spread upon you the blessing in abundance.3:11 For you I will threaten the one who devours, And he will not destroy you the fruits of the earth, and the vine will not be barren in your countryside , says the Lord of the Armies  » Malachi 3:8-11 I earned 45 million and a new car to kill the singer Clara Nunes. She died in the hospital, I did a job on her. Who paid me? Her lover. She had to do varicose vein surgery because she was in pain when she was on stage because of it. When she went to the hospital for this procedure, her lover called me, because I was her « pai de santo »:
– Tio Chico, you have to come to Sao Paulo
– Ah, for what reason?
– my mistress was interned for varicose vein surgery and I have a serious problem with her, our relationship goes from bad to worse. I can’t take it anymore and she threatened me, if I end this relationship, she will go on television to reveal that I am her lover. And since you know I’m a married politician, my reputation will suffer.

I went to Sao Paulo. On the same day that the intervention was to take place, I gave in to 7 black magic rituals, with the intervention of 7 Exus (7 evil spirits).7 cross, 7 black cats, 7 black candles, 7 bottles of pinga (pinga, canha, these are the other names of the cachaça) , 7 black goats, 7 black oxen, 7 frogs bearing in their mouths sewn the name clara Nunes. At the end when I was with the Exu caveiro, the Exu of death, I was incorporated by the latter, and just as the doctor was practicing surgery, the Exu caveiro came out of me and he went to own the doctor, who killed him on the surgery table , then the press leaked the information that there had been a medical error! The person who paid me is Orestes Quércia! Mr. Tancredo Neves did not die of a hospital infection, it is not true, he died because of a black magic ritual made in the state of Maranhao by the greatest sorcerer of Brazil, Dito do Baro, he is the sorcerer of José Sarney and Roseane Sarney because of election campaign. It was the Sarneys and Malufs who from Sao Paulo ordered Tancredo’s death through witchcraft, and he, far away in Brasilia, died. In spiritualism, Aparecida comes as Oxum (Oxum is a woman spirit, an orisha who reigns over the water of rivers, love, intimacy, beauty, wealth, diplomacy). I was a member of the church of Satan in Vitoria, in the state of Espirito Santo. There’s a devil’s pope.

There, we take children and throw them into a blaze as a sacrifice. When will the men of God be at the head of power, to ban all these things?! Until when? There are people here who are not happy, because they now realize how bad the world is, because they will not see things the same way. But I’m not here to lie to you, I’m here to tell you that another world exists here, people are bad and these things exist. What’s the point of me lying?

Do not make this head, God has shown you the reality of the things of this world, and you have not yet seen anything.

What do you want me to say? Do you want me to prophesy that you’ll have a new home, a car, a promotion at work? That’s what everybody wants, isn’t it? God gave us prayer and work! Jesus is faithful! I received $1 million to kill Globo’s presenter, Abelardo Barbosa, the so-called Chacrinha in June 1988. I did a job at midnight in the cemetery, in the throat of a corpse with Chacrinha’s hair, the blood of a goat, candles lit, bottle of cachaça, and he died of throat cancer, the one who paid me is Rita Cadillac, his mistress. People who have the money can do anything. I have corrupted commissioners, policemen, judges, prosecutors, I have corrupted everyone in Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Maria das Graças Meneghel (Xuxa) lives in the world of lesbianism. She had an affair with her entrepreneur, with singer Joana, with singer Simone, with singer Ivete Sangalo and even a current ex-lesbian missionary.

In our circles, we hated Christianity, we hated Jesus so much. This Jesus that people pray but does not appear. While we just had to summon the spirits and they were there. They gave us everything, money, women, fame …

I tore up several Bibles, I burned 10 Bibles in a fire that I lit in the center of the macumba, I burned churches with gasoline. As well as God used a donkey to talk to Balaam, God spoke to me through a prostitute. I was in the spiritual center practicing macumba (a kind of witchcraft) and there someone came. A car parked and he pulled out a very beautiful blonde woman and tall size. She asked me « are you Tio Chico? » to which I replied « yes »

– My husband was taken from me and I want him back – I work with the 7: 7 days, 14 days, 21 days line – I want him back in 7 days I gave him the list of the material, she brought me everything I needed. But this woman who wanted my services and who said she was married, was actually not married. She had a lover whom she said was her husband. Her lover was married to a servant of God. This woman knew her husband had a mistress. When he went to his mistress’ house, she knelt down and prayed to God to redeem her husband from the curse. And I had a hard time working because of that. After 7 days, the blonde came back and she asked me if I had done the work, I answered in a way that I know it wasn’t my words that really came from me: « If you want this man to come back to you today , bring me 150 black candles, if he does not return tonight I stop being « pai de santo » and « macumbeiro » She brought me the candles, it was an afternoon, I took the car to Unao, in the state of Minas Gerais 200km from Brasilia, I went to make a black magic ritual e. I was accompanied by two « santo mees. »

When we arrived in Unao it was close to midnight, it was a dark night, without a moon. The only light came from candles of all colors: blue, green, yellow, white, brown, etc. And we started our magic ritual. Normally at some point the devil would come to incorporate me, but he didn’t come this time, he didn’t succeed, so he materialized. Just before it materialized while I was sitting there with the candles arranged in circles, I thought I saw Jesus, he touched me at the right level of my chest and shoved me I fell 3 meters further, but I did not hurt. When it happened, the people who were with me ran away. When I looked behind me, I saw a fireball about 7m high and the fireball, the devil came out. It materialized and in his right hand there was a trident in the other hand, he had a big cast iron pot. There were inscriptions on all these things like « Exu, » « Caveiro, » etc. He looked at me and said:
– good evening
– good evening
– Do you know who I am?
– yes master
– humiliate yourself in front of your master
I bent my knees and kissed his feet and got up I kissed his hands and he raised his trident towards me shouting – you are incompetent!
– incompetent why? You’ve always done my work and this is the second time you can’t do it.
– this work I can’t do today or ever.
– why?
– you are so incompetent that this woman came to your house and deceived you – she deceived me in what way?
– she is not married, she is just a woman whom I use to destroy the homes. And this particular home, I can’t destroy it.
– this man is married to a woman who belongs to the other side, and against the one above I have no power.
I looked at him and I told myself that I was praying to the evil God, I wanted to go to the God of believers. He said, « You’re not going anywhere or I’m going to kill you, » he almost killed me.
I took my car, I was going at a normal speed when I felt a wind on me, when I looked at the rearview mirror, it was there with a sinister smile, and the next moment my car made 8 barrels. I had a head injury. I lost 50% of my skull, I have bones only on the left side of the head, on the right side I was put platinum, I have a lot of screws in my head. I can’t see with my right eye, the windshield of my car went into my forehead, in one leg I have 15 screws, I drink a lot of water because my throat was damaged. If I don’t drink, my throat dries and I lose my voice. Some of my stomach was replaced with some kind of plastic bag. I’m urinary incontinent. I have a bag instead of the bladder, when it fills up, I go to the toilet and I open the pipes.

I stayed 3 years and 6 months of years in the intensive care unit, 3 years and 6 months with equipment on the body. I had 25 surgeries in total. I had 21 different medications. My wife sold everything we had to pay for medical care. The day I accepted Jesus my wife told me that she would rather be a prostitute than become a Christian. She became a prostitute because she became pregnant with a child whom I recognized and whose support I pay. She managed to hijack a pastor by taking him into the world of prostitution.

I’ve been praying for 13 years for God to bring this woman back. Currently she has become engaged, she even sent me an invitation to be the godfather of her wedding. She provokes me a lot, she sends words to my house to ask me to pray for her lover, since now I am a pastor. I was beginning to cry and God was telling me to pray. I was even shaking.

I was preaching in a Baptist church in Brasilia, there were about 1,500 people that night. I was on the desk when I saw her enter, in shorts, little top, smoking while holding the hand of a young man full of tattoos. I dropped off the microphone so I was shaking. She came to the front and said, « Pastor, I’m here to accept Jesus, but my lover will go to hell » she grabbed the young man and they started kissing in the church!

I began to close my eyes crying and asked that the room pray that God would remove the devil from there. She’s out. When I go to preach in the churches, I meet her on my way, she is kissing men and when she sees me, she shouts to everyone: « Look at the pastor of the Assembly of God, it’s my husband » it’s not easy to put up with it, to to support this woman, to support this body that no longer works, I box, I have lots of problems, they throw stones at me when they see me.


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Êtes-vous sauvés ? Et si vous devriez mourir ce soir, passerez-vous l'éternité!!??
Et comme il est réservé aux hommes de mourir une seul fois, après quoi vient le jugement,  (Hébreux 9:27)

Le partage c'est de l'amour, faites-le!

Partagez  avec votre famille et vos amis
Êtes-vous sauvés ? Et si vous devriez mourir ce soir, passerez-vous l'éternité!!??
Et comme il est réservé aux hommes de mourir une seul fois, après quoi vient le jugement,  (Hébreux 9:27)
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