Testimony of Tio Chico Former sorcerer Freemason and spiritualist

Testimony of Tio Chico a former Freemason and Spiritualist

Testimony of an ex-witch, Freemason and spiritualist. Tio Chico. Testimony given on the occasion of a cult in Brazil. Becoming a Freemason requires several requirements. We sign a confidentiality clause, so we cannot go out or reveal what is going on inside that circle. That’s why I lost my daughter, my daughter was taken as punishment. My daughter, who was 12 years old, they took her and took her to a wood. They assaulted my daughter, they shot her two times in the forehead. Then they called me to say: – Pastor, we ordered the murder of your daughter, so that you would shut up, you betrayed us. Spiritualism. Has… Montrer plus

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Former Belgian satanist converted to Jesus Christ

Ex-Belgian Satanist Converted to Jesus Christ

Ex-Belgian Satanist Converted to Jesus Christ Dear reader friends, this is the account of the childhood, adolescence and then adult life of a man who experienced the dark depths of Satanism. It testifies to the omnipotence of Jesus to deliver those who are captive to the enemy. He answered our questions honestly, his own words were transcribed. Converted for 9 years, he raises a cry of alarm to warn about the dangers of sin, especially that of occultism, and calls on Christians to wake up, to come out of their lightness and ignorance to truly sanctify themselves. Can you tell us about your childhood and your family? I am now… Montrer plus

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