Ex Muslim Imam Moussa son Testimony

Ex-Muslim Son of Imam Moussa’s Testimony

Testimony of Moussa, son of Imam To God alone be the glory for making the publication of this book possible. To My Muslim Brother. My childhood. I greet you brothers and sisters, my name is Moussa Koné. I am the last and third son of the Koné family. I want to tell you today about my testimony, which is from the experience. At the same time I give you some advice. Brothers and sisters never let yourself be deceived about the salvation of your soul. You can be deceived by a cheque without provision, your wife, your father, your sister may deceive you but on the salvation of your soul.… Montrer plus

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Ex-occultist of New Age Mike Testimony

Ex-New Age occultist Mike’s testimony

  Testimony of Mike, Former New Age occultist converted to Jesus Christ. The testimony you will read in the following lines is that of a man who sought God in the New Age. Thinking he was very advanced in spirituality, God opened his eyes and it was then that he realized that he was rather a slave to Satan, after 15 years of intense research in the occult sciences. He says in the following lines how he met the truth and how he had God’s forgiveness. We wish you good reading and pray that you may make maximum use of this testimony and that you may know how to use… Montrer plus

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Ex Celestial Christianity Testimony of Lobe Tahoue Etienne

Ex Celestial Christianity Testimony of Lobe Tahoue Etienne My name is Lobé Tahoue Etienne. Born on 30/10/1966 in Ivory Coast, I am Ivorian. I met the Lord precisely in the year 1999. I was then a member of a sect called the Church of Heavenly Christianity, where I spent 7 years of my life. And it was by the grace of God that I was freed from the clutches of the devil. My childhood I had a very difficult childhood of attacks, of witchcraft I was sick all my childhood, and it was finally at the age of 10 that I was schooled thanks to a teacher, who came to… Montrer plus

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Testimony of Tio Chico Former sorcerer Freemason and spiritualist

Testimony of Tio Chico a former Freemason and Spiritualist

Testimony of an ex-witch, Freemason and spiritualist. Tio Chico. Testimony given on the occasion of a cult in Brazil. Becoming a Freemason requires several requirements. We sign a confidentiality clause, so we cannot go out or reveal what is going on inside that circle. That’s why I lost my daughter, my daughter was taken as punishment. My daughter, who was 12 years old, they took her and took her to a wood. They assaulted my daughter, they shot her two times in the forehead. Then they called me to say: – Pastor, we ordered the murder of your daughter, so that you would shut up, you betrayed us. Spiritualism. Has… Montrer plus

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Former Jehovah's Witness Testimony of Jean-Claude

Former Jehovah’s Witnesses Testimony of Jean-Claude

Testimony of Jean-Claude, Former Jehovah’s Witness Proclaimor. It was in 1991 that I met the Jehovah’s Witnesses at my door. One of them asked me a question about the Bible: The Bible offers us a wonderful hope, that of a safe future for our family. Sir, who do you think could establish peace in the world? It is God who will stop the wars, I replied, I believe in God since the age of 7. All right sir, that’s the right answer! He then quotes me a biblical verse in Micah 4:3:4, « There will be no more aggression of one nation against another, we will no longer practice war… ». When… Montrer plus

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