Testimony of Tio Chico Former sorcerer Freemason and spiritualist

Testimony of Tio Chico a former Freemason and Spiritualist

Testimony of an ex-witch, Freemason and spiritualist. Tio Chico. Testimony given on the occasion of a cult in Brazil. Becoming a Freemason requires several requirements. We sign a confidentiality clause, so we cannot go out or reveal what is going on inside that circle. That’s why I lost my daughter, my daughter was taken as punishment. My daughter, who was 12 years old, they took her and took her to a wood. They assaulted my daughter, they shot her two times in the forehead. Then they called me to say: – Pastor, we ordered the murder of your daughter, so that you would shut up, you betrayed us. Spiritualism. Has… Montrer plus

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